Why you should install new iPhone software ASAP

Though smartphones have yet to become a major target for hackers, even the iPhone has known security flaws.

CNET September 21, 2015
CNET Daily News
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Why you should install the new iPhone software ASAP

Though smartphones have yet to become a major target for hackers, even the iPhone has known security flaws. Updating your software is one of the best ways to stay safe.
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Ferrari fans hit California coast to share love of a classic machine

A world-class event in Monterey attracts the rarest cars and a sea of fans — who bond over pristine paraphernalia like vintage seat belt buzzers.
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Apple relaunches campus store

The shop at the company’s headquarters has always been different from other Apple stores. Now Apple has changed it up again.
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Why Silicon Valley believes robo-investors can save us from ourselves

Startups are making it cheap to invest like the super rich do. They say computers can manage money better and at a lower cost than emotional, irrational humans.
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Apple cleanses App Store of tainted iPhone, iPad software

An infected, counterfeit version of Apple’s Xcode developer software apparently led to dozens of compromised apps.
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​Volkswagen apologizes, stops diesel sales in wake of US emissions cheating scandal

The emissions cheating scandal has cost the automaker nearly $18 billion in lost stock value and could end up costing $18 billion more in federal fines.
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Skype glitch may prevent you from making calls

The problem keeps you from changing your status, which means you may not be able to go online with the mobile or desktop app, so Skype suggests using the Web version for now.
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Data Center Projects: Advantages of Using a Reference Design

From TechRepublic:
Check out this white paper to learn the advantages of using a reference design for your data center projects….

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Apple’s redesigned campus store (pictures)

Apple refreshes the company store at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.

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Turn your old phone into cash

Turn your old phone into cash

Apple and Samsung have unveiled their latest smartphones, so what’s the best way to cash in on your old cell phone?


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