Building Gantry Equipment

5 Axis Gantry

Building Gantry Equipment

Although it might sound simple, it is in fact very complex and one of the most important elements in the overall execution of the construction activities. Most of the Gantry systems have a number of components that are responsible for the Gantry lifting operation. There are three main types of gantry lift systems: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Here is a look at each one.

The horizontal Gantry system is one of the simplest to build and most popular among contractors. It consists of a self-supporting frame, which is basically made of steel tubes, anchored at each end with pulleys or tracks. The frame consists of the coupler, beam and cable tensioner, which hold the end beams and cables.

The vertical Gantry has one major component: it is a single cable, with a tilting rotor. This gantry can move forward and backward but not side to side. The pivoting feature, which allows the rotation to turn the axis of the horizontal gantry, also adds to the strength of the system. The rotor consists of a central core, which is attached to the coupler and cable tensioner.

The diagonal gantry system, as its name suggests, is similar to the first but with a large number of auxiliary components. In this system, there is only one cable, which is extended out from the end of the gantry, so that it can rotate vertically. The rotors rotate the axis of the Gantry. A small cluster of cables supports the blades, which include those fixed above the Gantry. This gantry can move side to side but not forward and backward.

Gantry levelers are also used for handling other systems as well, such as vacuum pumps, mechanical lifts, trolleys and another Gantry design called the suction pulley. Some of these systems are powered by electricity.A typical contractor will build their own Gantry equipment or it can be bought ready-made. Whatever the way you choose to do it, make sure you give due consideration to the type of Gantry system you want to purchase. Always think about the working environment, it will need and select a system that has a lot of features that you might need.

After all, when it comes to constructing Gantry equipment, there are few details that should never be overlooked. Gantry erectors are specially designed for site-specific tasks, and construction, warehousing and logistics environments. Take time to research and learn more about them before you start your work.

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