Robotic Solutions Gantry 5 Axis Robot

The Gantry 5 Axis Robot is a fully-integrated robotic solution that provides easy and accurate operation with the ability to do multiple jobs at the same time. The device is designed for applications that require the operator to be mobile, so that the robot can perform various tasks without being restrained.

The Gantry 5 Axis Robot is a fully-integrated robotic solution that includes an omni-directional monitoring system (ODMS) camera. This feature allows the robot to automatically track an object or structure to determine whether it needs attention from the operator or not.

The 5 Axis Gantry can operate on both horizontal and vertical directions, without the need for a vertical stepping mechanism. The robot is also designed to execute multiple tasks in different environments, which include a robotic arm and wheel. The human operator is not required to step off the platform.

The Gantry 5 Axis Robot can perform an assortment of tasks. From providing direct positioning to moving supplies, the Gantry can perform a number of complex operations. These tasks can include making hauling deliveries, handling debris, placing a conveyor on a rail, applying markings, painting, picking up items, and walking to a destination.

The Gantry can be controlled via a wireless network or internet. A computer control console is available, which can control multiple users.

The team at ROBOTIC has gone through years of refinement and testing, using real customers as well as the company’s proprietary software, to help optimize performance of the future iterations of the robot. In addition, the manufacturer has developed new software features that will improve robotic performance in the future. The core of the system continues to consist of an omni-directional ODM camera and a high-performance multi-function actuator.

ROBOTIC has released an SDK, which allows third party developers to create programs to control the robot remotely. While early versions of the system were able to autonomously detect and respond to problems, these applications are not possible without access to the API. The development process for the robot’s advanced subsystems has helped the company to move beyond its initial design concepts.

Robotic engineering has advanced to the point where it is becoming easier to model human motion, which is critical for motion control. More recent robotic efforts have reached this point, too. The Robotic Control Unit (RCU) on the Gantry 5 Axis Robot can detect the positions of three physical sensors and four actuators, including the hand grip and ball bearings.

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