What Is the Five Axis Gantry Types?

The fifth axis Gantry is a type of gantry that can be found in the most industries. These gantries are used in plants where the gateways are used to raise and lower different items or employees within a building. They come in a wide variety of sizes, with many measuring up to six feet in length. If you’re looking for the best gantry, it’s always important to find out what the four other axes on the Gantry are.

The first axis is the motor drive. This is a Gantry that uses a motor to raise and lower items within the Gantry. There are many types of motors used for this. One common type is a chain drive. A more traditional way to use the motor is via electrical cables.

The second axis Gantry type is called pallet drive. This allows two pallets to be moved along one path without needing to have both pieces of pallets move simultaneously. Using pallet drive gantries are great for plant locations where one set of pallets will be rotated on a specific axis and the next set of pallets will move along another axis. The pallet type will depend on the needs of the location.

The third axis Gantry type is called tilting drive. This is typically used to move the Gantry to different angles for transferring materials from one area to another. A common angle used is vertical as well as horizontal.

The fourth axis Gantry type is called semi-tripod. This type of gantry is more commonly used for utility applications such as railroad tracks. It can be used in conjunction with the second axis type to create the required route. It is also used to move materials in and out of a freight train.

The fifth axis Gantry type is called tripod. It allows a heavy piece of equipment to be raised and lowered without needing the use of an external device. This will be of great use in cases where a lift is needed, but need to be elevated off the ground.

One of the biggest benefits of this gantry type is the space that is available for the Gantry. It is able to be used for a variety of jobs, and will generally allow for a larger vertical area than any other gantry on the market. For instance, the common one foot diameters are ideal for support and storage of various types of machinery.

These gantries are designed to be used in a number of different jobs. They can be moved manually or by remote control, depending on the gantry type. Their variety makes them a great choice for most facilities where many different tasks can be performed with ease.

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