Types of the Gantry Types

First Gantry System: Five-Axis Gantry System was the first Gantries and was produced in large quantities as they were very cost effective. They were used for heavy construction tasks. Later, five-axis models of Gantries with different operating modes and higher torque capacities were produced.

5 Axis Gantry Type

Earlier types of Gantries operated in two ways, either manually or mechanically. But, the newer versions are capable of shifting to operate on hydraulics and can be operated by a single person.

To operate these new versions of the gantry type, the operator needs to point the control panel towards the automatic loader and the operator then has to operate the Gantry belt from the computer terminal. This then closes and opens the seat belts which are then used to rotate the conveyor deck.

The automatic unit will then move to the next level or the one above, if the loading or unloading is the same. These automatic types of conveyors can move vertically as well as horizontally.

The card type is extremely flexible because it can be adjusted as per the need. The tilting units also come in several different configurations, which can be adjusted according to the needs. The most important thing about the card type is that it does not stop or slow down when the load is reduced.

Automatic trucks are self-balancing machine type which can be operated using hydraulics. The base of the truck is inclined and then it can transfer material from one position to another.

It is a compact design and makes a smooth transition from one level to another. The five-axis automatic Gantry are electrically operated and so they can function even when there is no electricity present.

The above mentioned are the most popular types of the Gantry system and their use in actual use is the reason behind their popularity. They are able to reduce the time, money and effort required for maintenance. The on-site equipment manufacturer supplies other types of the gantry type in addition to the abovementioned.

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