Building Your Own CNC Grinding Machine

CNC Grinding Machine

Building Your Own CNC Grinding Machine

The latest high-technology form of grinding stones are the CNC grinding machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerated Control. This allows computer controlled machining to be done almost completely automatically. Even with the most complicated of component geometries, like crankshaft assemblies, camshaft assemblies, bearings, valves or transmission shafts, it’s standard nowadays to accomplish quick, accurate and speedy machining using CNC machines. In fact, even with a simple threading operation, CNC machining can do an incredible amount of precision work.

CNC Grinding Machine Tools. There are two types of CNC grinding machine tools: surface grinders and rotary cutters. A surface grinder is used to grind a workpiece to machined contours. On the other hand, a rotary cutter is a CNC machine tool that is used to cut profiles, corners and other work pieces. They’re ideal for cutting hard and soft metals as well as other work materials.

Feed Unit. In addition to the CNC grinding machine itself, you’ll need a CNC grinding wheel along with several other essential components. Typically, these include: a chuck plate, a block holding down the chuck, a chuck assembly, a rotor, a follower, and an arbor. These components form the basic architecture of a CNC grinding wheel.

CNC Grinding Machine Oil and Coolant Supply. This is a critical component in a functioning CNC grinding machine. If your CNC system doesn’t run efficiently, your production can be adversely affected. You may want to maintain a regular oil and coolant supply to keep your machine’s parts running smoothly.

CNC Grinding Machine Set Up. Once you’ve selected and purchased your CNC grinding machine, you must setup your machine to suit your particular needs. Usually, this includes a pair of vice grips made of rubber or metal, two chrome-plated screws, a set of nylon slide pliers, a pair of nylon threading needles, and the appropriate woodshims. Once these components have been installed and secured to the frame, your machine should be ready to run!

CNC Grinding Machine Tools. The most important CNC grinding machine tools are the lathe tool and the saw. Lathes are used to cut the desired shape out of your workpiece. A CNC lathe is a stationary CNC machine with a spinning motion, that enables it to cut shapes as well as circles and squares. It is typically designed to provide stable and accurate workplaces free of chatter. A CNC saw has a straight arm that creates a circular motion while cutting.

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