An Overview of Direct Drive Rotary Tables

An Overview of Direct Drive Rotary Tables

A modern day direct drive rotary table offers you many benefits over traditional mechanical tables and stands out as being more ergonomically friendly. It has an impressive level of precision and impressive dynamics. Ideal for use in most wet rooms, its easily programmable and very convenient for use even in offices. The direct drive rotary table enables the shortest possible switching times with maximum accuracy, thereby enabling you to tap on new added value potential for your business. These are made of steel construction which ensures the durability required in high-performance situations.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

A fully tilting, fully programmable, fully variable model is available in the form of the zero backlash direct drive rotary table. It is one of the best selling models in the industry today. It has an innovative design and uses state of the art technology to ensure that it remains precise right from the outset. A fully adjustable model is available that enables the user to make adjustments at any time and for any purpose. It has a free cooling system which can be adjusted according to the need of the hour for users who use it in high pressure situations.

It has an extremely high level of torque and is extremely safe to use. The presence of a high degree of torque is permitted by a fully variable and fully programmable acceleration clutch. It is able to attain a desired acceleration of up to 0.90bars with full control of the movement. The speed at which it moves can be changed at the flip of a button thus enabling the user to take it to a slow speed for delicate work or to a high speed for heavy work.

The high level of precision and zero backlash allow it to achieve exceptionally high levels of torque even for heavy duty applications. It uses a precision ball bearing system for its high-end construction. A ball bearing allows for precise directional control on the rotation of the shaft. A zero backlash clutch ensures that there is no harmful backspin on the torque converter. It also features fully variable clutches that allow for smooth operation under any circumstances.

Another unique aspect of the direct drive tables is the use of a completely programmable accelerator unit. This allows users to set up their preferred clutch pressure, ball bearing type and other such parameters as they desire. The programmable clutch system allows for a complete control of the rotary tables while ensuring optimum performance.

Many industries utilize direct drive rotary tables for precision work, especially where power is an issue and precision are required. It is capable of achieving high degrees of torque and speeds that would render other types of calculating and actuator systems incapable of reaching. Its ease of use and rugged build make it an excellent choice for nearly every industry and product design.

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